Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I was all prepped to blog yesterday, and time just got away from me! Sorry about that. This weekend was a little crazy. I feel like I say that all the time, but all my weekends have been crazy lately! Saturday I went to 3 classes at the gym (3!!), ran home to shower, then went to my little brother's soccer game. After that we had to run by the store, then I had to get ready to go out for my combined birthday party. On Sunday I went to church, work, then Greg and I went to see a movie and hung out for a little bit. Yesterday I ran some errands, went to lunch with Greg, and then went to work. Whew!

Our birthday party went well. We went to Red Robin (yum!) for dinner. That would be why I decided to do 3 classes Saturday morning. :-) I earned my burger and fries. I didn't realize it before we went, but they also have light alcoholic beverages. I got a raspberry lemonade thing that was only 80 calories. It was well worth it. Then we went bowling. I was HORRIBLE, but I had fun.

Sunday was a little weird. I hit my head really hard getting back into the car after church. I was hurrying to get in and I slammed my head into the cage of the car. As if that wasn't bad enough, I ended up closing my door on the other side of my head. I'm 90% sure I had a concussion. I was having a hard time focusing at work and I kept crying. I'm glad I only had a 3 hour shift! Greg was bugging me to go to the hospital, but I don't have insurance... Probably not the best decision I could have made, but I didn't think it was a bad concussion. If I had been throwing up or anything I would have gone no matter what. But I woke up yesterday (obviously), so I think I'm good. My head is still a little tender and my ears feel a little clogged (I think I basically boxed my own ears because I'm awesome like that), but other than that I'm ok.

For my birthday I got the best gift ever.... sort of.
Sour Patch Kids are my weakness. Actually, any fruity candy. These, starbursts, skittles... Anyway, a friend gave me 10 movie theater boxes of these sour then sweet delights. The idea was for me to take them with me when Greg and I go to the movies. Yeah... except that you can't give an emotional eater 10 boxes of her favorite candy and not expect bad things to happen! I ate 2 boxes in one day, no movie involved. I ended up taking the remaining 8 boxes to work and gave them to my co-workers.

Oy! I had way more to say, but I need to find something to eat and then get my stuff ready for work tonight and work tomorrow. I'll try to do better later.

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