Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Jumping hurdles

First things first, it is weigh-in Wednesday. I was a little nervous to step on the scale, but I am pleased to say that this morning I weighed 205.2! That's a loss of 2.6 from my last weigh-in and 44.6 gone overall. I'm pleased for several reasons. First of all, Greg and I ate at a buffet on Sunday night and I was starving. Enough said. Secondly, I was bouncing around 207-208 for about a month. I was starting to think I was never going to get past that number! But I did, and now we move forward.

Greg and I went to Splash Country on Sunday. We had a great time. It was actually the first time I had gone, but I love water parks. I had a bit of a moment while waiting in line for a ride. It was one of the ones where you could ride in a single tube or a double tube. Greg and I thought about riding in a double, but the weight limit was 400 pounds, so that wouldn't work. That didn't bother me at all because I would have to be 185 before Greg and I could ride together (tall, muscular guy... I'm really not complaining).

Anyway, we grabbed our single tubes and started hiking up to the top of the slide. Once we caught up to the end of the line we were just standing there chatting when I started complaining about my bathing suit. I wore one of my older suits and it was a little baggy in the butt (which really only bugged me because it gave me a wedgie on some slides lol). All of a sudden it hit me that I wasn't really self-conscious about the fact that I was out in public in nothing but my swimsuit. That definitely would not have been the case 18 months ago. Then it hit me that I wouldn't have even been able to ride what we were in line for before I started working to lose weight. The cut-off weight for the single tube was 250, and I'm pretty sure I had actually gotten above that mark before my initial weigh-in. It was actually a good feeling to know how far I've come.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sleep deprived

I think that's safe to say. I've had a lot of early morning this week. Our normal 6a-12p person at work is out for the next 7 weeks, so I've gotten a few of her shifts. And tomorrow I have to be up even earlier because Mom and Tony are taking the bus to Alabama tomorrow. Normally I drive them on their yearly pilgrimage to see my grandmother, but they recently started running a route from here to there. It's like half the price of the gas I'd use, plus no extra wear and tear on my poor car. But they need to be at the bus station early in the morning, so I'll be waking up between 4:30-5:00am. I'm tired just thinking about it! :-) I think I'm going to try to head to bed early tonight. We'll see what happens.

Greg and I are going to see The Dark Knight Rises tomorrow night. We briefly discussed seeing it tonight at midnight, but I just didn't think I could stay up that late. It's nearly 3 hours long! I'm looking forward to it though. I've liked the other two, and I'm interested to see how he wraps up the series. If I don't like it, I won't tell you though. ;-)

Has anyone else seen the drama from the negative reviews on this movie? I think that's absolutely ridiculous! I don't see the point in getting so bent out of shape over a movie, especially just a review. I'm pretty sure most movies I've really liked have not been critics' favorites. Whatever, I like it. What really confuses me about this is that a) apparently the reviewers didn't actually bash the movie, and b) the people being hateful haven't seen it yet. What?? I was listening to the radio this afternoon, and the DJ said that when The Dark Knight came out he posted a negative review about is on his blog and experienced the same thing. People were irate because he didn't like a movie. I don't know that I will ever understand some people. 

I've been playing with the idea of doing a regularly scheduled posting. It's still in the brain-storming stages. We'll have to see how it fleshes out. :-)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Fourteen. My little brother is 14 years old today. I cannot wrap my poor little brain around that. I was 14 when he came to live with us (he's adopted). How time flies. Maybe this is preparing me for how fast time will go when I have children of my own? There have definitely been times when I've felt more like his mom than his sister... and I think there are still people that have doubts about the idea that he's not mine (he's not, I swear, he looks just like his mom). Ah well, not to get to mushy, but here is a visual trip down memory lane...

This is hands down my favorite baby picture of Tony... I think he was about 18 months old. I was laying on the floor of my family's mountain house when he came over trying to steal the camera. He was saying "gimme," but I feel like he looks like a mob boss.
"Whaddaya doin' in the floor, ya mook?"
This picture was taken in October of  '05 at my grandmother's 75th birthday party. That's his "real" sister, Brittany (his birth-mom's oldest daughter and my niece) with us.
I think he almost looks like a different kid from the one above.

This was us on his... 9th birthday? Amy and I took him and her stepson to Gatlinburg. We went through the wax museum and such. This was us taking a dance break in the middle of the mirror maze. The plastic gloves were to prevent fingerprints.
 Can you imagine Windexing that place??
This is my most recent picture of him. This was taken on Saturday, or the Best Day of His Life So Far.
He was actually in the middle of telling me
 not to take his picture. :-)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Home again, home again!

Happy Saturday! Tony got home safe and sound yesterday. Not that I was altogether worried, but it's nice to have him back. His voice is almost completely gone. Trying to talk to him on the way home proved interesting. He finally gave up and went to sleep. It was great to see all of the students back and so fired up. I'm excited to talk to him today and hear what he learned... well, maybe not hear. ;-)

I can't believe he will be 14 on Tuesday! I was 14 when he came to live with us. It's a little odd to think about. It occurred to me yesterday that I'm not too far from teaching him to drive. Whew! That kid is growing up so quickly... I still think of him as the little monster with the elf ears. Today I'm taking him to Battlefield Knoxville with Greg as his birthday present. It's laser tag set up like a video game. What's not for a teenage boy to like? Plus he adores Greg, so he's be happy if I told him I was taking him to the backyard if Greg was going to be there.**

This morning I had the most deliciously fall breakfast that I'm almost ashamed to admit it here in the middle of July. Pumpkin oatmeal with cranberries. Oh, so good. In my defense, I was going to have cereal until I saw I was almost out of milk. I needed something filling for my 6 hour shift, and plain oatmeal just didn't sound appealing. Then I saw the can of pumpkin. Done.

I put pumpkin in almost everything in the fall. Sometimes it's on purpose, like with the oatmeal. Sometimes it's because I need to use up the can I opened for my oatmeal. I've discovered that it works really well in spaghetti sauce. I know, I know, spaghetti sauce?? You can't really taste it, but it adds a little bit of a creamier texture that helps the sauce stick to the pasta. I have also been known to add it to soups and chili. Try it, you'll like it!

Like a self-fulfilling prophesy, I left my phone at home today while I was at work. I thought I was going to go stir crazy. I can't even use my phone at work, but just knowing I didn't have it made me a little batty. Everyone knows I was at work this morning, and I worked from 6:00am to 12:00pm.... on a Saturday. What did I think I was going to miss? I think it's a little funny that I feel almost incomplete without my phone. 

**EDIT: We took him to Battlefield Knoxville, then he convinced Greg to pay for him to ride go-karts at Zuma Fun Center. While we were there the guys had to play a few arcade games, and Tony ended up with 1,082 tickets to redeem! Then we went to dinner and McKay's. After that I said done because I was exhausted and broke. .

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Notes from Home

As I mentioned, Tony is now at beach camp with our church's student ministry. And, as I also mentioned, I wrote him notes to let him know I was thinking about him and praying for him while he was gone. So I thought I would post a brief overview of what I did...

Now, you may be asking why I wrote him notes in the first place. In this day and age, why don't I just call him? Or better yet, why not text him? Isn't that the modern day note writing?* Well, because our church wanted the kids to focus on interacting with each other and with God, so they took up their cell phones as soon as they got to camp. I think they can get them back for a few hours each day during free time, but Tony decided not to even take his phone. That made me oddly proud... especially since I freak out if I don't have my phone while running errands, much less for nearly 6 days.

1. Gather all your supplies.
I told you I'm in love with stationery, so I happened to have these. Yes, I gave him bright pink and purple cards. On purpose. This year's theme is Love Loud, which has been promoted with neon colored everything. Case in point, the handbook:
Our senior pastor's son trying to get people pumped... and loud :-)
I thought about making themed stationery, but I had this idea at like 11:00 one night. This is themed enough. I picked the 5 loudest colors I have... ok the purple's not really loud, but it's his latest favorite color.

2. Prepare what you want to say & write your notes. Luckily for me the handbook had a parent big sister connection, that told me what they would be talking about each night. I used that as an outline for my notes.**

3. Decorate your envelopes. I started off being fancy, but by this time it was like 1:00am and I was tired. I'm proud I spelled everything correctly!
I have a thing about not putting cards in matching envelopes...
4. Put them togetherI used the bright green cord because I had it and it looked better than yarn he was assigned to the lime green team for games and such. 
You could leave them unbound, or hide them in different parts of the luggage. This was for a nearly-14-year-old boy... I wanted him to see them.

5. Put the notes in the luggage. Sadly, I don't have a picture of this. I didn't want Tony to know that I put them in there until he got to camp, so I had to wait until he wasn't looking. I actually slipped the notes in the top of his bag while I was getting it out of the trunk at the church. Sneaky sneaky. 

*To be honest, I would probably still do this if Tony had access to his cell phone. There's something personal about getting a hand-written note. Plus I could say more than I would be able to in a 5-minute phone call or a 140 character text. Greg is going out of town in September for a work thing and I'll probably do the same thing for him. 

** If you're not lucky enough to have the whole trip written our for you (I won't when G goes on his business trip), just say what you want. Be funny, be sweet, be whatever... It really is the thought that counts.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Spinach and other nonsense

I am a fan of saying that I have the best boyfriend ever, mostly because it's true. I'm sure your boyfriend/fiance/husband is pretty stellar, but mine is perfect for me and that's all that really matters. So what did Mr. Wonderful do this time to make me say this? He let me commandeer (his word not mine) his house yesterday while he was at work so I could do laundry. The trigger on my washer has stopped triggering. The part has been ordered, but it won't be here until the end of the week/beginning of next week. And of course this happened when I needed to wash pretty much every thing in the house, down to the wash cloths.

Greggers was kind enough to give me run of the house. He got a neater house (and a cleaner girlfriend) out of the deal. I couldn't just sit around the house and not do anything, so I did a little light cleaning. Mainly I just straightened piles of mail and vacuumed the hall/living room. He's not really that messy, just a boy. His mom once asked him why I never cleaned his apartment. When he told me about it, I looked at my left hand and said "I don't see a reason to." ;-) Apparently she used to go over and clean his dad's house while they were dating. Sorry, but I barely clean my own house, I'm not going to clean two. For the record, Greg was not trying to subtly hint that he wanted me to clean his house, he was more amused at what she said.

While I was at his house, another storm came rolling through. I'm glad we have gotten some rain, but it's getting ridiculous. It was really cool to see while on Greg's property.
You can't really tell, but there are rows of corn towards the top of the hill. And those trees are pretty huge. The clouds didn't seem to worry the cows at all.
Yes, he lives on/by a farm... what makes you ask?
I wish that the camera on my phone had a better zoom. It makes it look like I was really far away from the cows, when really I was only 100 yards or so away. Same for the crops. But really, it's a camera in my phone. What do I expect?

I recently realized that spinach is definitely my go-to all purpose vegetable. I kind of knew it before, but it has been reaffirmed this week. Greg and I went out to dinner on Sunday, and I couldn't find anything on the menu I really wanted. Then I realized that what I really wanted was a particular ravioli dish with spinach added. Since it was a non-chain and they had spinach in other sauces, I asked if they would help me out and they did. The server kept commenting on how it sounded delicious and she'd have to try it out the next time she ordered that dish. I cleaned my plate. :-) Tonight for dinner I was staring blankly at the fridge trying to decide what leftovers to eat when I saw spaghetti sauce and a bag of fresh spinach. Done. Lest you think I put spinach in all of my Italian pasta dishes, I do add it to other things. I put it in my eggs, in soups, on sandwiches, and yes, in a smoothie or two. 

I realize this is kind of an odd topic. It just occurred to me because I was feeling vegetable deprived and spinach was the first thing I thought to eat. Anyone else had that bleh feeling and then realized you haven't had any enough fruits/veggies that day? My morning started in a hurry, so my breakfast was something that I could eat while driving to work (a muffin and a pack of snack crackers). When I got off, I had to take mom to the church so I grabbed a bag of chips. When I got home I had some stir-fry vegetables, but I still felt deprived so I got the spinach. I feel better now. ;-)

I really need to make so "ahead of time" breakfasts again. I used to have some breakfast burritos, sandwiches, etc. prepared and in the freezer so all I had to do was nuke-and-go. It really made getting ready for work easier in the morning. And, if when I get a full-time, regular-hour job it will make my life easier overall. I'm know I have some ideas for those types of breakfasts pinned. Now to actually make them!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Weekend in review

I think this weekend might have been one of the best I've had in a long time. What makes it even better is that I feel like I didn't do anything too exciting. I did basically throw the diet out the window, though. :-)

I had to work Friday morning. I worked in Kid Kare, which I don't normally do. I had fun though. After work I took mom to run some last-minute errands for Tony's beach trip.
That evening we went to a baseball game for a friend's birthday. Our seats were perfect! We were under the shade immediately, pretty close to the bathrooms, and on the end of our row. Sport-viewing trifecta if you ask me! I also got to eat ice cream out of a helmet. Can't get much better than that.... or can it?
Cooling, and less calories than the funnel cake I kept eyeing
Oh yes... they do a fireworks show after all the Friday night home games. 
Oooh.... Ahhh...

I had to work again on Saturday morning. I actually thought it was going to be a bad day. It started off with seeing the check engine light pop on. Just what you wanna see at 5:45am. But something told me it was going to be a good day anyway. And it was! I ended up doubling my sales goal for that morning, helping my team, and getting credit on a few contracts.

When I got off work, my friend Amy had sent me a message asking if I wanted to got out to lunch. Of course! We went to Panera, which you may or may not know is one of my happy places. Then she needed to go to the store so I went with her.

While I was at the store, Mom sent me a message saying that she needed me to take her to the store one last time for stuff for Tony. So I went home, changed clothes, and went back out to the store. Tony asked if I would get him a notebook for his trip so he could take notes during the break out sessions and small group. Well, of course! And standing in the notebook aisle we reaffirmed that he really is my little brother. We were both weighing the pros and cons of 20 different notebooks for the given situation. We couldn't find one that wasn't girly, that was sturdy enough for him to rest it on his lap to write... we're so picky! I was thisclose to buying a $3 one that he wasn't really in love with when I glanced over and saw the perfect one for $0.97. It was sturdy, collage ruled, and purple (his newest favorite color).

Once we were done (for reals this time), I ended up going out to Amy's for some fun pool time. We hung out until the temperature out of the pool was cooler than in the pool, then went to Applebee's for dinner. I ate too much, but it was delicious. And I got to hang out with Amy. I'm pretty sure I've seen her more in the past week than I have in the rest of the year combined.

I did NOT have to work on Sunday, but I still had to be up at the crack of dawn. Tony had to be at the church at 7:00am, and since the campus they were leaving from is about 20 miles from the house (we go to a multi-site church), we needed to leave at 6:30. It was amusing to see so many sleepy-eyed teens ready to go to the beach. You could tell they were excited, but totally ready to get on the bus and drift back off to sleep. Hugs and such, and he was off! Our students ministry has a twitter feed, so it was amusing to read what was going on once the kids actually woke up.

Since we were already in Knoxville, Mom and I went to Mimi's Cafe for breakfast. It used to be my go-to breakfast place, but this time I was kind of disappointed. The food was good, but I felt like I didn't have many options. Upon further thought, it was my go-to before I started losing weight. Once I really started paying attention to my weight I can't justify some of the things I ate before. Oh well, I'll just have to find a healthier go-to breakfast place!

After church I went to the gym. The problem with working at the gym is that when I can convince myself to go workout, I end up talking to people forever. But yesterday I went into our group room and did a workout I saw in this month's Fitness magazine. Technically it was meant to be done at home, but I don't have the room at home. It was killer! I was supposed to do 2-3 circuits, but I barely finished one! I loved it though, and I will try it again later this week.

There had been tentative plans to go out on the lake that afternoon, but that didn't work out. Greg andI ended up going to see People Like Us. I really liked it. It was a good story, well acted. Two thumbs up. After the movie we went to Target to get some things for his house. Then we started talking about what we were going to do about dinner. I love that man, but he does not keep groceries in his house. I was going to buy stuff to make dinner, but halfway down an aisle I realized I would have to buy all of the seasonings and stuff too. We ended up going out to dinner at Puleo's instead. It was really good. A little expensive, but a nice treat. We went back to the house and watched TV for the rest of the night.

See? A nice, quiet weekend. This morning I am content, if not quite a little sore. Now I'm just going to play on Pinterest until it's time to get ready for work. Sounds good to me!

Friday, July 6, 2012

I'm here, I'm here!

I know it's been a minute since I posted. Sorry about that. Things got a little hectic there for a week or so. Nothing too crazy or dramatic, just busy! I keep hoping that things will settle down a little, but that seems to be when things get revved up again. Maybe I should hope that things will get busier? Oh my, I'd hate to see what that would look like!

Good news! I have officially gotten rid of 42.4 pounds! I don't like to say I've lost them because that makes it sound like they are misplaced and I might find them again later. :-) But yes, they are off of my frame, and good riddance! I had one of those moments looking at the scale, trying to process the number I saw. It didn't make sense to me. Not only do I weigh less than Greg, but I am actually smaller than I have ever been the whole time Greg and I have been dating, including the time I got sick and lost 12 pounds. I think I'm probably about the size I was when I quit working at the restaurant. Actually I'm probably smaller, because then I was having trouble fitting in my 16s. Now they are comfortable, even after washing. ;-)

We had a pretty good 4th of July. It was... let's call it "semi-traditional" Greg and I went to the gym, out to lunch for burgers, then went swimming at his parents house. Later we met up with my friend and her husband for dinner and to see some fireworks. It was a very random holiday! We didn't have any plans that morning and then just kind of played it by ear as we went. I was pleased with it.

Tonight I am going to a baseball game for a friend's birthday. I'm pretty excited, except I'm kind of nervous about the heat. Although, the baseball stadium is almost in the mountains so maybe it will be cooler? Hope springs eternal! If not, I'll just drink lots of water. And buy a cup of ice.

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