Saturday, May 18, 2013


I'm still alive! I know, I know, it's be ages since I posted a blog. I feel like that's what I get for bragging about my awesome amount of focus. About the time I clicked publish, all of my focus went out the window! 

May has been a BUSY month so far. Between my birthday(s) and subbing for my boss, I’m just now getting to a point where I feel like I can relax. I promise I will post about all of that (as well as the crochet patterns/reviews I owe you), but there is a small hiccup with getting my pictures out of my phone. More on that later.

But for now, I decided I wanted follow the trend with the “Currently” survey. Does this remind anyone else of the surveys on MySpace? I loved those, too. 

Current Book(s):
Ha! The books I’ve read in the past few weeks are a little eclectic, but I liked them.
City of Bones by Casandra Clare

I’ve seen this book on the shelves and been interested, but when I saw a trailer for the soon-to-be movie I decided to go ahead and read it. I really liked it! I plan on getting the second one on my next payday.

Cure for the Common Life by Max Lucado

My small group was using this for our most recent study. I’m not going to say I’ve learned a lot, but it’s changed my perspective on a few things. Read it!

And for real, I’m currently reading Size12 and Ready to Rock by Meg Cabot.
I’ve read the other 3 in the series, and I found this was available from the library as an e-book. I put it on hold, then forgot to download it, so I had to be put back on the list! I like it so far.

Current Music:
Most people know I only listen to Air 1 in my car. It was a personal decision, but that doesn’t mean it’s all listen to. Some of my favorite songs include:

Gold by Britt Nicole

You’ll Never Be Alone by Capital Kings

Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Just Give Me a Reason by P!nk and Nate Reuss

Current Guilty Pleasure:
Chocolate Dipped cones from McDonald’s.

Current Nail Color:
I just took it off, but I was wearing OPI VIII

Current Drink:

Current Food:
Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwiches. I had one for breakfast and it’s like the 12th I’ve had this week. I’m addicted.

Current Favorite Show:
This is going to sound lame, but Good Morning America. 

It’s the only show I get to watch on a regular basis, and I do love it.

Current Wish List:
Clothes. I realized I don’t have many spring/summer clothes.

Current needs:
New work capris. All of my old ones are too big.

Current Indulgence:
Ice cream

Current Blessing:
I’m so blessed I can’t even believe it some days. I know that may sound hokey, but it doesn’t make it less true. I feel the most blessed with my friends and family.

Current Outfit:
My blue sundress. My friend is graduating from Law School this morning, and I’m typing this while waiting for Greg to pick me up.

Current Excitement:
The chance to finally catch up on my personal life!
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