Friday, May 25, 2012

Say what now?

Not only is it Friday yet again, but it's the Friday of Memorial Day weekend. Really?? Where has the time gone?? Here we go again!

1. I got to go to Rush Ride on Monday. I know, I'm excited about a cycle class? But I'm totally addicted to the endorphins. I woke up super excited because I knew I got to go to class that morning. I think I have a disorder. :-)

2. Our fundraiser went well on Tuesday. We ended up raising a little over $1,300! Not bad for a night's work. 

3. I actually lost weight this week! I was getting a little tired of bouncing around the same pound. Hopefully I get get back into a regular workout schedule soon. 

4. I think my shirt size is changing again. :-) I was freezing at work the other day, so I grabbed a fleece off the rack (shhh). I decided to try on a medium, just to see how it looked and it fit fine. Then last night I put on my new Committee shirt for Relay and it felt a little big. 

5.  I discovered the most amazing place ever. Pop Korn's in Maryville. I don't know if I've mentioned that I have a slight addiction to popcorn, and I especially love flavored popcorn. This place has over 100 different flavors and 50 additional seasonal flavors. My friend called it the Willy Wonka of popcorn. I'm kind of glad it's not directly on my way to anywhere, because I would be in there all the time! Did I mention they give free samples?

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