Friday, August 31, 2012

High Five for Holiday Weekends

It's been a while, but I'm actually making it back to doing a High Five for Friday with Lauren @ From My Grey Desk!

It's Labor Day weekend! Some people look at this unofficial end of summer as a sad time, but for me it means lots of good things. Without further ado.... 
1. IT'S FOOTBALL TIME IN TENNESSEE! Checkerboards and Rocky Top, it all starts tonight. I'm excited to see how our boys do this season. I'm hoping for a good game. :-)

2. If it's football time, that also means fall is just around the corner. Fall is by far my favorite season. I can't wait.

3. I finally registered for the Knoxville Color Me Rad! It's a lot like the Color Run race series, but a) this one is coming to Knoxville and b) it's not sold out! It should be a good time.

4. I don't have to wear my uniform to work today. It's summer closeout so we have special t-shirts we can wear. I actually don't mind my uniform, but any time I can wear something different, I'm ok with it.

5. My iPod came back to life! I'm not sure why, but a few weeks ago my iPod stopped detecting when it was plugged in to the computer or any other charger. But yesterday it started charging again. I'm not going to question it, I'm just going to go with it!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Vacation report

I am currently sitting in a hotel in Dalton, GA watching pre-season football. What a way to end a vacation. :-) No, Greg's idea of a romantic getaway was not scenic Dalton. We actually went to Destin, Florida which was absolutely beautiful. I had never been to any part of Florida before, much less Destin. I was very excited to make the trip. I have every intention of sharing lots of stories from my vacation, but I have no idea when that will happen. Hopefully sometime tomorrow. We're here in Dalton because Greg has a shoot down here tomorrow morning, and it made more sense to stay here than to drive home and him come back super early tomorrow. Plus that means we'll only be driving about 2 hours to get home tomorrow. But right now I'm going to go relax in the spa and unwind from my unwinding. Stay chill. ;-)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ready, set...

Not time to go just yet. But, I may or may not be nearly packed for my trip this weekend. Last weekend I made my lists of what I needed to pack. Yes, lists. I'm a little over organized. I always make a list of whatever I need to pack in no particular order, I just write it as it occurs to me. Then I go through a classify everything as to where or when it needs to be packed, and I use that to make separate lists. Yeah.... My "sub-lists" ended up being Duffel Bag, Pool/Beach Bag, Loose Car Items (like a pillow and jacket), Toiletry Bag (I had unpacked it and wanted to make sure I put everything back in), Snacks, Random Extras, and Don't Be Dumb (phone, charger, etc.).

Then the other day I spent some time looking packing methods on Pinterest (like this and this). I really didn't need to since I packed for 4 days in New England in a back pack and a purse. See?
The blue purse and the green bag on the right were mine.
Anyway, I was really just looking to see if anyone had any ideas that I hadn't considered. No, not really, but still cool to see how much they were able to fit in a carry-on! That of course gave me the packing bug, so I went ahead and organized my bags. My Pool/Beach Bag is already completely packed, and I think I have everything in my duffel that I can pack this early. One of the benefits of working 39+ hours before I go is that I will only be wearing my work uniform for the next 4 days.

That's also good because I recently realized that I basically need to be packed and ready to go before I leave for work on Wednesday. I will work 8-5 Wednesday, then I have to be at church from 5:45-9. I get a 3-hour break between  my shifts on Thursday, but I'm hoping to get Greg to come get me, us load his car, then him take me to work for my 2nd shift. It'll be easier for me to crash at his house, then we can leave first thing Friday morning. My goal is to be wheels up at 5:30am. We'll see. 

It's officially time for me to retire some of my pants and shorts. There's one pair of shorts that pretty much fall off as soon as I let them go. That's kind of a great feeling, especially since they were my go-to pair last summer and a little too tight the summer before. I spent some time today trying on what was in my dresser. Anything that was too big went in the gone pile. I don't think I have anything left in the too small pile. What another great feeling! I have some size 14 dresses that I bought back in '08 and they actually fit! They might fit better if I lost another 5ish pounds, but they don't look bad now. I call that a win!

I feel so blessed lately. I can't really explain it, but it's just a feeling of great joy and being loved. I think it has a lot to do with the sermon series at my church. The overall theme was the idea of getting words of advice from some biblical heroes. It has given me a lot to think about and consider. It's all stuff I know, but I don't know if I ever really thought about it. If you have some time, I really encourage you to watch the messages (they are about 30 minutes each).

Ok, I've gotten rather long-winded tonight. I will save the rest of my stories for another time. Have a great week!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I've been a bad blogger lately! I'm sorry, I know you all have been sick with worry about me. Riiiight. In all honesty, I've just been busy. When I have time to blog, my update would've read like this: "This week I worked a lot and slept." I feel like that's all I've done for the past 3 weeks. I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but one of the ladies at work had to take 8 weeks off (foot surgery and recovery), and one of our other people got a new job and cut way back on her hours. Then about 2 weeks later another person quit. I went from having 2 days off to having 1 day off if I'm lucky. I'm not really complaining because I can definitely use the money, but it does make me kind of worn out. And lacking in time for blogging.

I'm pleased to say that my weight has continued to go down. As of this morning I was 204! I don't even remember the last time I was 204. Yes, I do! Today! :-) Is it bad that I almost dread logging my weight loss because it means I know my calorie goal is going to go down? Although, I'm noticing that is a mental thing. Each time I log a unsubstantial  loss I "lose" about 10 daily calories. Why do I care about 10 calories? That's like a jelly bean... maybe 2. Regardless, it's not a lot, but mentally it seemed like so much. I'm starting to see that I don't even WANT those calories. I usually don't eat all of my calories anyway, but there's something about watching that number go down that makes my inner fat girl sad. Yes, I'm goofy.

I'm going on vacation! For reals! Greg already booked the hotel(s). I told him I didn't want to know any details, but I swear that man cannot keep a secret from me to save his life. He told me where we're going, where we're staying, and that he booked an adventure for us on Saturday morning. I'm looking forward to it! I'm also not telling anyone where we're going until we get there. :-) No particular reason, I'm just trying not to  build it up so much that I don't actually get to enjoy it. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, I'm sure you'll figure it out pretty quickly. I have the feeling I'm going to get a little #tweethappy while I'm gone.

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