Monday, May 21, 2012

The downside of weight loss

For the most part, losing weight is awesome. I feel better physically, I have more energy, blah blah blah. But I have to admit, there are some downsides.

First of all, my clothes don't fit anymore. I know, you're thinking "Seriously, Jen? You're complaining about that?" Yes, I am. I mean, it's great, but I don't have the money to buy new clothes, and I'm not one who finds things I love at thrift stores. My best friend owns a thrift store, so I totally have access, but I guess I'm just picky. Plus, I can never find pants the right length anywhere, much less sorting through the store. Not to mention that some of them are my favorite outfits ever, and I can't find that style shirt/skirt/dress anymore. Wah.

Secondly, my cravings are changing. I'm constantly in a hurry, and I used to be able to stop anywhere and grab something to eat. Now it's gotten to the point where I'd rather not eat at all than eat at certain places. It gets to be a pain when you go to the gym to workout and you get suckered into picking up a shift... I'm not bitter, and I made a pretty good choice considering my options. but I had to argue with myself about it.

Ok, I'll admit these first 2 might be a little bit silly. But there's one other thing that is bothering me, and it's really bothering me. I'm becoming more self-conscious. "What? How can that be? You're losing weight, you look great!" Yeah, I know... but now I'm starting to notice all this loose skin. :-\ I had on a tighter pair of capris today (well, they used to be tighter), and I noticed when I walked by a mirror. I also notice it when I try on some of these new pants and shorts that I need to buy. I also feel like my boobs are changing shape. I feel like they are deflating without actually getting smaller... I don't know if that makes any kind of sense, but it's how I feel. Regardless, I'm just feeling overall awkward. Wah x2.

But, I try to remember the things that are GREAT about losing weight. I do feel much better on a daily basis. I love the fact that I'm craving healthier foods (except when I get talked into a double). New clothes should be exciting. It means I really do need that dress I've been eyeballing every time I go to the store. And I can justify that cute top. I think part of my sudden despondency is the fact that I need to buy a new bathing suit. Please show me a woman who actually enjoys bathing suit shopping so I can hit her.

Actually, I needed to get a new suit before I started losing weight, but I didn't ever go swimming or anything last year, so I never got around to it. This year I am determined to go to the beach, so I'll need a suit. There are so many cute swimsuits, but then I think how they will look with my belly. Bah! I need to stop whining! Ok, I'm going to find 10 good options before I leave for work. Let the search begin!

**EDIT** I decided I'd show you the 5 I found to brighten my day. Didn't have enough time for 10 :-D

From JCP. I really like it, and I could mix it with a lot of bottoms.

Also from JCP.  <3 ruching 

From Target. Again w/ the ruching. :-)
From Target. The pattern is so crazy your eye doesn't know where to look!
From Old Navy. 

At least I know I really do have options. ;-)

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