Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trunk or Treat

This has been the oddest Halloween season ever for me. I did not dress up in a costume even once. Usually I go to at least one party or something but not this year. I could have dressed up at work, but I just wasn't feeling it with all the changes we've had lately. None of us have been in a festive mood. Oh well!

Tonight however was a different story. I still didn't dress up (bundle up, yes... it was freezing!), but I did get to have some Halloween fun. My church did a Trunk or Treat night and all of the small groups (kind of like Sunday School classes, but not lol) were asked to create a trunk. Ours decided to do a Noah's Ark theme (it didn't have to be religious, but we had all the animals :-D).
The Ark, complete with rainbow, water, and Noah's sons :-)
Those old Beanie Babies are good for something!
They missed the boat :-(
There was a contest for the best trunk and our group came in 2nd. I'm ok with that. The team that one 1st was a pirate ship with a mast and sail and everything. I wish I got a picture of it, but it was too dark by the time I walked around.

We had a good time. I walked around and talked to some people that I only get to see in passing on Sundays. They had music and I was coherced convinced into doing the Macarena. And I loved seeing all of the little ones in their costumes. Now it's time to gear up for my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cardio Crazy

That's what I was today. This morning one of our instructors did a Spooky Spin class. It. Was. Awesome! He blacked out the windows in the cycle room, then gave us all glow sticks to put in our laces. He had also decorated the room with inflatable pumpkins and ghosts. Too cool. The music was pretty great, too. He played songs like Werewolves of London, Thriller, and one of the best versions of the Cranberries' "Zombie" I've ever heard. Not only was it fun, but it was super challenging. According to my handy dandy heart rate monitor, I burned 776 calories. I would believe it! I was a sweaty mess by the time class was over.

After that I took the longest possible a quick shower, ran to Panera (it is never the wrong time for soup), then came back to work 11:30-4:30. After that I ran to the grocery store, home to change and back to the gym for a launch of one of our new BTS classes, Groove. Oh my gosh, one of my new favorite classes. Parts of it reminded me of being in show choir in high school (in a good way) and part of it reminded me of my college days when I used to go out dancing. I just thought I was a sweaty mess earlier. Whew! The class ended up steaming up the mirrors quite a bit. And Mr. HRM said I Grooved away another 827 calories. Crazy!

It felt so good after being on a relative workout hiatus for the past couple of months.  I also think it helped clear out some of the junk in my chest. Now I just need to worry about whether or not I'll be able to walk tomorrow. My thighs will definitely be feeling it!

Well, I guess I better try to get some rest. Work and Trunk-or-Treat tomorrow!

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Appropriately enough this close to Halloween, I feel like I'm returning from the dead. Last week I absolutely felt like crud. I had some nasal congestion that tried to turn into a chest cold earlier in the week. As soon as I  noticed, I started taking Mucinex which knocked it out pretty quickly. Now I just have this annoying cough. And by annoying, I mean every once in a while I sound like I'm dying. Hopefully it will move on out soon enough.

Yesterday was a fun day! I had to work in the morning (ok, maybe that part wasn't fun), then I went over to Greg's to watch the UT/South Carolina game (... also not fun). Ok, but then it was fun! Greg participated in the Zombie Escape 5k and I went to watch. I found out about the event at my Color Me Rad race when people were handing out flyers. Greg was really excited about it when I gave him the flyer and asked some guys from the gym to do it with him (you had to have a team of four).

Rule #18: Limber Up
The guys were scheduled to run in the second wave, so we (us, the other guys, and their wives/girlfriends) watched a few other teams run by while we waited. We couldn't see much of the course, but we saw a few "zombie attacks." It was pretty fun. Then it was the guys' turn to take off. Us girls watched until they looped by us, then we moved to the finish line to watch the other teams come across. We figured out pretty quickly it wasn't a "legitimate" 5k. The first team finished in about 17 minutes. And it was an obstacle course. Hmm.

As teams finished, it was amusing to see the difference in everyone's dirtiness level. If you look at the website pictures there are people who look like they took a mud bath, and that was definitely true of a lot of people at this race, but not our guys.
That's as dirty as they got
Post-run. Yes, they ran shirtless.
They confirmed what we thought, that it wasn't an actual 5k distance. Jeremy and Jason both said they would be surprised if it was more than 2 miles. They still had a good time. And Jeremy (team captain) made it through with both his lives still intact. Afterwards, Greg and I, Jason and his wife, and Jeremy and his girlfriend went to Calhoun's for dinner. I hadn't been there in a while, and it did not disappoint.

Greg said he wants to try to run a few more 5k's in the coming year. I may try to train for a few of them with him. It could either be a great bonding experience or our undoing. We'll have to see!

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Tonight Greg and I had a nice little domesticated evening. I loved it! If you know us, you know we are constantly on the move. He has so many friends and acquaintances that we often see 2 or 3 different groups of people on the same weekend. I love being a social butterfly, but sometimes it's nice to just stay in.

Tonight we went to Papa Murphy's for a pizza, then went to his house to watch the Tennessee/Alabama game. We invited some friends over, but it ended up being just us and his friend Jason. Still nice. I was a bit of a bad fan. I passed out during halftime and ended up dozing through most of the 2nd half. We're going to blame that on sheer exhaustion, and not on the poor playing of my beloved Volunteers.

Now I'm back home and ready to crash all over again. This whole waking-up-at-4:45-and-not-getting-a-nap thing is starting to get to me. Luckily I can "sleep in" tomorrow since church doesn't start until 10. Good night, world.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


October is a busy time in my family. Between friends and relatives, there are 11 birthdays to be celebrated. But, smack dab in the middle of all that joy is a day marked by sadness and mourning. Today is the 4th anniversary of my sister's death. It was unintentional, but self-inflicted and I'll leave it at that.

I don't talk about her much for various reasons. She was 12 years older than me, and we rarely got along. Long, unhappy story, but true. But when she died, I ached. I'm sad to admit how surprised I was at how hard I took it. I didn't realize that I would feel like a piece of me was missing. And because we never got along for more than a week at a time, I felt guilty for missing her. Dumb, I know.

I missed her for a very different set of reasons than most of my family. I missed who she could have been, if given the chance. I missed her for not being able to see her kids grow up. And today I miss her still. I miss her because I know, regardless of how she felt about me, she loved our family fiercely. And there are a few people who could use her presence... Me included.

Tomorrow we will go back to celebrating the fun of fall, but for now I still miss my sister.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Constant Craving

I would like to preface this by saying that I have been trying to write this post for weeks! It is in response to part of the Peak313 Living and Active Challenge. I knew what I wanted to say, but at I couldn't seem to type it. I still really felt like I needed to write it, so I wrote it by hand. With a pen! I don't know why, but sometimes that helps me connect better to my thoughts. I used to so the same thing with papers in school. Anyway, I've had the handwritten copy kickin' around in my notebook for a while, and I'm just now getting it posted. Wow. Without further ado... Constant Craving.


This week I've been thinking a lot about cravings. When I really started thinking about what I crave, I was a little surprised to realize that it's not food. To be honest food probably wouldn't even make the Top 5 list of Things I Crave. I know, I know, what kind of over-weight, working-on-her-BMI girl doesn't crave food? But it's true. I like food, and I may temporarily really want a cheeseburger, hot wings, or ice cream, but it isn't what I crave. So, what do I crave? Recognition.

Over the past week I have come to realize that what I crave more than anything else is recognition. Please notice I didn't say fame. I don't want to be famous. I don't have dreams of everyone knowing my name. I just want to do a good job and be acknowledged for it. This is true at work, church, home, and in my relationships.

I have often been accused of being a people pleaser, and until recently I wold have agreed. However, in the past few days I have come to realize that's not exactly what's going on in my head. On the surface I'm sure it appears that I'm driven by the need to be liked... but if I'm being honest I don't really mind if people like me or not. That's not to say I don't want to be liked, I just understand that not everyone is going to be my friend.  You don't have to be my friend to recognize that I am good at what I do. :-)

I don't need a lot of recognition. A nice word or a polite phrase is more than enough. So when does that turn in to a bad thing? Because it have been known to drive everything I do. When I don't get the recognition I think I deserve I get hurt, depressed, and angry. And sometimes when I do get the recognition I think I deserve, I can get prideful and arrogant.

So what's a girl to do? Pray. I ask God to help me take the blows and the praise in stride, not making too much of either. It's a process, but I think I'm making progress!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Rad in Review

In case you were unaware, I am Rad.
Temporary, I promise.
Also, in case you were unaware, I participated in the Color Me Rad 5k this morning. I had a blast! I was on a team with my friend Leah, her boyfriend Ben, her friend Jenni, and a guy who works out at our gym. I was very impressed with the way the course was done, the organization of the event, etc. I would totally do it again. The only issues I had didn't have anything to do with the actual race, but I'll get to that in a minute. Now for pictures!

Jenni, Me, and Leah, the last time we were clean
Herding us into the pin
We were trying to walk and take the pic at the same time :-)
In the middle
there were 2 unicorns

A color bomb went off as we crossed the finish, so we got in on the next one :-)

I kept trying to tell Leah how much color was on her back so I finally just took a picture to show her. I guess she decided to return the favor.

Blue hair, blue ears
Great time
As I said I only had a few complaints. The first one was the weather! Here in East Tennessee it's usually still warm in the middle of October. But not this year! It has been Fall ever since the calendar said so. So this morning it was overcast and drizzling. Getting sprayed with liquid dye did not help me stay warm! The only other complaint for the day has more to do with the city of Knoxville in that it took me forever to get in the parking area due to poorly timed lights! Oh well.

In case you're wondering, the color came off pretty easily. Noxema got it off of my face and hands (and out of my ear). Body wash and shampoo got the rest. My fingernails aren't even stained or anything. The weirdest thing is that my armpits are stained. I'm wondering if the dye didn't react with my deodorant or something? Oh well, it's not tank top weather, I'll be fine. ;-)

Oh, and as if the race wasn't fun enough, my packet contained the awesome sunglasses I'm wearing in most of the pictures and the most comfortable tshirt I have ever owned. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Those weeks

Oh goodness. The last 7 days has been on of those weeks. I have been trying to write a blog post on cravings for 5 days now. I finally had write it out in a notebook just so I wouldn't forget what I wanted to say. Obviously I still haven't typed it up, but here's hoping I get to it this week. :-) Ah! I have lots to say and post, but right now I should get to bed because I have and early and long day tomorrow. 

Rest well everyone. Matthew 11:28
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