Friday, May 11, 2012

High Five!

I swear, I love the High Five, but it makes the week fly by! I'm trying to remember what even happened this week! I need to be better about taking pictures as I go :-)

Improv Ninjas strike from above
 1. The fundraiser went pretty well. We ended up collecting a little over $500 in sales and donations in less than 4 hours! Added bonus, I love getting to spend time with my team. 

2. Speaking of Relay, I'm also excited about all of the fun events we have coming up soon. My next few weekends are going to be pretty booked. 

Repeat picture :-)
 2. I had a pretty good birthday. Mom and I went out to lunch, the girls at work bought me cupcakes, and Greg brought me flowers and a card. 

3. I worked a LOT this week. While some of you may thinks that's a little weird for me to be happy about it,  but I wasn't expecting to work this much this close to the end of the school year. I was actually turning down jobs. 

Penguin Duck Tape???
5. I saw this awesome tape. I don't know what I would do with it, but I need it!

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