Friday, April 13, 2012

Survival! or I can't count...

Yesterday was the day for me to start week 4 of the Couch to 5k program. I was talking to a friend about it when she asked how long I had to jog for this week, so I looked at it and figured I had to run for 11 minutes altogether, up 2 minutes from last week. I swear, almost immediately I started feeling wheezy (I'd been fine right before I looked), and when I walked next I felt a slight twinge in my knee. Can we say psychosomatic symptoms? Later when I was stepping over a baby gate, I felt like I pulled something in my hip. What the heck??

I went to the gym anyway, and after 30 minutes of chatting and procrastinating, I finally got on a treadmill. After a few minutes of my warm-up walking my hip and knee both felt fine, so I figured it really was in my head. I walked for 5 minutes, jogged for 3, walked for 1.5, jogged for 5, walked for 2.5, jogged for 3, and started walking. There was my 11 minutes of jogging, and I had made it through! I was tired and slightly winded (my asthma was flaring a little, but nothing unsafe for me to jog), but I felt good. Then I heard the beep to start running. What?? I glanced at my phone and saw it counting down another 5 minute jog. I'm pretty sure I let out a little whimper, but I hit the button to switch pace. After I was done (for real this time) I realized that the first time I calculated only added up to 25 minutes, and I had 31.5 minutes on the timer. Oh well, I still survived. And I had all kinds of endorphins flooding me on the way home. Love it.

I have been on a tea kick lately! I've always liked tea, but in the past few months I've been drinking it a lot more. Even more than coffee, and if you know me, you know how crazy that idea is! Anyway, this week I picked up a few new flavors to try and they are all delicious.
Not sure why the people cut off the sides of the box?
 So far this is my favorite. It's light and sweet, but not TOO sweet or coconutty. I also bought the Lipton Green Tea Orange, Passionfruit, and Jasmine, and the Celestial Seasonings Green Tea with White Tea Peach Blossom. They are both really good, too.

Whoo hoo! I have the day off today. I didn't sub this morning, and I gave away my shift at work tonight. So what are my big Friday night plans, you ask?  I'm going to spin class and then to Jo-Ann's (the craft store). Yep, that's right, I'm going to my place of work on my night off. Because I'm awesome like that. Actually, I love my spin classes, and I adore the instructors. I've get really bummed when my schedule doesn't allow me to take the class. I think this will be the first time I've gone in about a month. I'm super excited! 

Ok, I think I'm addicted to the endorphins. :-) Seriously, I'm not a workout addict by any stretch of the imagination, but I notice that when I do cardio, I want to do more of it. Take my c25k stuff for example. My schedule was weird this week so I had a bigger gap between day 2 and day 3 on my schedule. When I finally got to it, was was practically bouncing to get on the treadmill. I couldn't remember why about 10 minutes in, but still!

Alrighty, I guess I've rambled enough for the moment. I need to find my stuff to go to class tonight. Have a great weekend!

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