Monday, April 23, 2012

Lazy Monday?

I love uneventful Mondays. I've been so go, Go, GO! lately, today was nice. I ran some errands this morning, and I still have to work tonight, but it's nice not to feel like I'm racing from one point to another with barely enough time to think.

I got Greg's boards finished! Or at least as finished as they are going to get today. :-) I'm just waiting on them to dry completely so I can put on the decals. I still have to finish making the actual bags, but all I have to do is fill them and sew them closed. That will take all of about an hour tomorrow. Depending on my mood, I may fill them tonight when I get home from work. I'm still not 100% positive how I'm going to give him these crazy things. They are a little hard to wrap, yanno? I may just leave them on his back deck with a bow. I would leave them on his front porch, but he very rarely goes out that way.

I'm supposed to start Week 5 today. I'm a little nervous, even though it's technically less total running time than I did last time. I'm not sure if I'me nervous I won't physically be able to do it or that I'll be bored. I think the latter. I really need to start taking it outside, but not today. We're in the middle of a "Dogwood Winter" so it's a little chilly out. Plus, I'm not about to run outside in the dark by myself. No thanks!

Ah, I had more to say, but time got away from me. I'll save it for later. Have a good Monday!

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