Monday, April 16, 2012

Crafts abound!

Ah! This weekend was rough! A series of cancelled plans, high stress levels, and emotional eating did not make for fun times. It probably didn't help that I wasn't sleeping well the whole weekend. Why do we always make such poor decisions when we're tired?

I'm feeling rested and better today. I'm hoping this good mood can carry me through. I have a loooong week, working both jobs. But, looking on the bright side, at least I'll have some money coming in. AND, since I took off Saturday morning to go to Tony's soccer game, I get to sleep in that day... it's sad what makes me excited, isn't it?

I mentioned earlier that my friend and I had something crazy planned for this weekend. Well, that fell through. It's probably for the best though. To be perfectly honest, it was NOT a smart idea. :-)  We were going to walk a half marathon distance. I told my friend I wanted to run a half marathon, and I wanted to start training for it. Technically, I was already training to train for it. (I'm doing the c25k program so I can get to the baseline for half marathon training... make sense?) Anyway, she had a dream that we went out an walked 13.1 miles. That gave her the idea for us to really go out and walk the half marathon distance. Her rationale was that if we walked it first, our time could only get better. Plus we would have already done it once.

Before anyone starts yelling at me, I KNOW! Not the best of ideas. Not to mention the fact that we couldn't really find a path to try and follow. The more we started putting the idea into motion, the more we realized it wasn't going to work. Not to mention the fact that I had just read about someone who walked a half marathon without training and was in a lot of pain after. It was probably for the best, but I was still disappointed. And mad at myself for consuming the calories the day before, thinking I would burn 1200 on our walk lol.

I'm itching to work on some craft projects. I actually have one going right now. Mr. Wonderful's birthday is a week from tomorrow, and I finally figured out what to do. He's really not hard to buy for, but for some reason I was just drawing blanks this year. Or what I wanted to buy was expensive (insert this or this). I'm not sure how, but I finally settled on a cornhole game. Amy's husband had been tossing around the idea of building one, and she said it would be cheaper if he bought the stuff to make 2 and we split the costs. I offered to make the bags if he did the building.
I think they turned out pretty awesome!
I just need to sand them before I paint them. I'm still trying to decide on decorations. Originally, I was going to do a Thor motif. I was going to to paint them blue and put the silver circles on each. He'd get it, but I was worried no one else would. Then I saw these Avengers movable wall decals at the store last night, and I thought about just putting those on there. Before I go any further, yes, Greg is turning 35. He's a big kid, and I love him for it. :-) Anyway, I may paint them and put those decals on them, and let him pick a different design later if he wants. I think that might be the easiest thing for him and my sanity.

I also have opportunities for other crafting projects coming up. Some friends of mine just found out they were expecting a baby (I'm not sure if she's even 2 months along yet). That means BABY BLANKETS! I'm so itchy to do crafts, this poor kid is probably going to have enough coverings for every day of the month... which given the nature of babies and messes, may not be a bad thing. I'm super excited to try this pattern from Delia Creates. I've been wanting to try it since she posted it, but no one I knew was expecting. I know I could have just made it and put it up, but I like to think about specific people when I making a blanket. I feel like I put more love in it, if that makes any sense? I guess it becomes more of a prayer quilt that way.

Well, this is getting to be a bit of a rambler. I hope that you all have a wonderful Monday!

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