Friday, April 20, 2012

It's Friday!

Part of me can't believe it's already Friday. No... All of me can't believe it's already Friday. Time flies when you're doing 9 million things at once. :-)

High Five for making it this far!

5. Going to a Smokies game with friends this past Saturday.  
4. Making some progress with Relay planning! I feel like I spent all day Tuesday sending emails, but we got a lot accomplished, and I'm really excited!
3. Hearing that one of "my girls" from church is getting baptized this weekend.
2. Knowing I get to sleep past 6:30 tomorrow morning! It's the first time I'll be able to do that in like 10 days. Watch, I'll be up at 6. :-)
1. Making progress on Greg's birthday present! His birthday is on Tuesday, so I'm sure finishing it will be in next week's High Five. 
Waiting to add coat #2
Ok, I'll do a real post later! Have a great Friday!

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