Sunday, September 8, 2013


Happy technology day here on the Photo Challenge! I'm super excited about this one because I just got this today!!!!!!! (<---You can tell it's legit excitement because there are so may exclamation points.)

It's true folks, I have joined the tablet generation! I am the proud owner of a Nook HD+. I've wanted one for a while now, but I couldn't decide what to get. Did I want a Kindle Fire, or should I get an  Android tablet and download the Kindle app? I have seriously been having this conversation with myself for the past 5 months. Any time I would decide one way or the other, something would happen to change my mind. Really, I was leaning towards buying a tablet and getting the app, but which tablet??? And if anyone knows me, they know that if I can't make a decision about something, I just won't. Either I'll get both or neither. I'm odd like that.

So today, Amy and I were out running some random errands when I stumbled across the Nooks as Target. I had not even considered them in the running for what I wanted. However... On the display it had in big, bold graphics that the Nook now supported to Google Play store. So... I can get all of my fabulous Android apps? I can even download the Kindle app? On a 9" HD screen? For $150? Yes, please!

Although, apparently a lot of people recognized what a great deal this was because the local Target was sold out of them. The nice Electronics guy called another store, but they were sold out, too. Amy and I were walking out to her car when I decided to try calling one Target that people kind of forget about (I have an option of 4 different Targets, all within about 25 minutes of my house), and voila! They had 3! Amy and I drove out there and now I have my tablet. See? All of my decisions should be that quick.

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