Friday, September 6, 2013

Childhood Memory

The challenge for today simply said "childhood memory." This was actually quite easy for me for me to choose. Overall, I had a pretty good childhood, (or at least I thought it was good at the time, which is really all that matters), but for some reason this one always sticks out to me. 
Yep, pickles. I. Love. Pickles. When I was a kid, I would drink the brine straight from the jar. Don't judge me. Anyway, that's not the exact memory I wanted to share. The one instance I'm thinking of happened on my 7th birthday. We didn't have a lot of money when I was growing up. We were on government assistance for a little while, right after mom became disabled, but my mom did a great job of making sure I didn't want for anything (or even know we were poor until I got my first job and realized how much stuff costs). Anyway! That is all to say that I learned at a young age to appreciate a gift that had a lot of thought put into it, even if it was somewhat unconventional. 

So, for my 7th birthday, my sister got me a gallon of pickles. Are you kidding me??? That was the best present EVER! If you know my relationship with my sister, you understand why it's so odd that it is my favorite childhood memory. She put some thought into that one and got me something she knew I'd really like. And finish in 3 days. 

I should also mention that I also got a swing set for my 7th birthday. But I forget about it until I think about eating a pickle while waiting for my brother to finish building it. The pickles are what I remember over a swing set. Seriously? How much do I love pickles?

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