Thursday, September 5, 2013

Someone I love

Here we are on day 6 of the Photo Challenge! Today's subject is someone I love. That's not much of a challenge, now is it?
I'm a little partial to Mr. Wonderful, himself. I feel like these pictures pretty accurately represent why I picked him. 
  1. He's magic! His friend competes in Strongman competitions, and he was playing around with one of the weighted balls. Really, I'm just impressed with the fact that he is willing to try new things with his workouts and really cares about his health and fitness.
  2. He's a model! This one was taken when he was asked to to a charity fashion show. He was making a Zoolander face, but I think he actually looks really handsome. I love the fact that he's always willing to help out and he looks good doing it. :-)
  3. We have fun together! This one was taken while we were waiting to go to our seats at the Tennessee Theatre. Not only does he take me to the theatre, he makes goofy faces with me beforehand!
Of course there's more than 3 reasons why I love G, but these are just some of the reasons I have picture evidence for. ;-)

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