Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What's up, skyscraper?

Monday disappeared into dreamland for me. I got off of work at noon, took mom to run some errands, and then went home to take a nap. As I may have mentioned, I was exhausted! I think I slept from 3-6 and I still went to sleep at 10:30 last night. And as if I wasn't confusing my poor sleep schedule enough, I work night shift (10p-4a) tomorrow night. Oh well! At least it's all happening kind of close together!

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I went over to Greg's for a cookout on Sunday, and we were sitting around chatting when Greg looked down and spotted a four-leaf clover. He gave it to me, so of course I posted it on Facebook saying maybe it would bring me some luck. Then he looked down and found another one... and walking into the house he found 2 more. I swear, that kid finds four-leaf clover like they are dandelions.

Apparently all that luck worked. That night I saw a lady from church who has been trying to get me a job at the hospital where she works. She said she talked to someone who said she planned to call me for a phone interview. I hope she does. Linda (the lady from church) said she (the interviewer) was a little nervous because I have a Masters degree and it's an entry-level job. Linda said she told her that I wouldn't mind because I'm not actually using my Masters degree anyway. If I get this job, it's about $3-4/hr more than I make now. Yes, please! I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but I am praying about it. 

I'm getting that Crafting Bug again. I've been so preoccupied with Relay lately that I couldn't even look at patterns and ideas. But now that I'm done with Relay for another season I'm getting a little itchy to work on another project. My boss at the gym just found out she's having a little boy, so maybe I'll make something for him.  And of course I've been perusing Pinterest again. I've seen so many neat little projects! I may start stock piling for Christmas.

Now, you're probably wondering what I'm doing thinking about other projects when I haven't even finished that one blanket I was working on. Well, I'm almost finished. I'm just waiting on them to find out what they are having so I can put a border on it. They are completely convinced they are having a girl, but they she is only 14 weeks pregnant. I know as soon as I finish it for a girl, they will find out they are having a boy.  And I don't know if Denise has a feeling one way or the other about her pregnancy. I know she and her husband want another girl. I'll just wait until everyone knows for sure. 

I need to find a new exercise program. The running is great, but I need to find some more workouts to do. I've been reading the blog of one girl who's been doing a kettle bell workout. I may have to check out some of those. I called my trainer to see if we could workout Friday, but she's on vacation this week. I guess I'll look online and see what I can come up with. We also moved the Wii back into the living room, so maybe I'll start doing the WiiFit again. I need to do something, that's for sure. 

For the past few weeks I've just felt like a slug. Maybe if I can find a workout that a least seems interesting, it'll get me motivated to move again. I know I feel better when I workout. I miss being able to take classes. But I can find something to do with what free time I do have. No Excuses.

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