Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Best breakfast ever...

I had a sandwich for breakfast this morning and it was one of the best things I've ever eaten.

Bad pic, so I distracted you with a title :-)

Let me start by saying that I cannot take full credit for this genius idea. One of the bloggers I follow posted a revamped BLT and I just changed the bread and added an egg.

First, I put my turkey bacon in the pan to cook.
I was making 2 by the way.
Then I remembered that I needed to gather the rest of my ingredients....
Bonus points if you can guess where I was shopping... 
Next I cooked the egg, but I didn't take a picture... Well, I tried, but there was no way to make fried eggs look good with a camera phone. For the record, I just cooked the eggs in the turkey bacon drippings. While all that was going on I was toasting the English Toasting Bread... because it tells you to in the name!

Then I assembled my beautiful concoction.
Nom nom nom
For just 303 calories, it was quite the satisfying breakfast. I'm not gonna lie... I'm kind of tempted to have another one for lunch. :-)

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