Friday, June 22, 2012

High Five for Friday!

Why am I always so surprised when Friday rolls around? I mean Rebecca Black taught us all how the week works... Yesterday was Thursday. Today it is Friday. But here it is, Friday once again. As usual, I'm linking up with Lauren @ From My Grey Desk to bring you the top 5 things that happened this week. I missed last Friday because of Relay, so I may steal things that happened last week, too.
What up, Friday?
1. Relay for Life went really well. My team ended up raising enough money to move up a level. We were a Bronze level team before the event and we got a Silver level sticker at the closing ceremonies.

2. Greg and I had a good time at his reunion. I pretty much just sat and chatted with some of his friends' wives. The food was good and the company was great. I was pretty exhausted, but it was still a fun night. 

Lucky, lucky
3. Greg found me a four-leaf clover. Actually, as I said, he found 4 but he was nice enough to give me one. It seems to be working... :-)

4. I made it through my week! That is not a Debbie Downer statement, I promise! I had one of the oddest scheduled weeks ever with Relay being overnight, picking up an overnight shift, and other random events. It's just been fun and crazy. 

5. I just got an email from Linda, the lady trying to get me a job. Literally. Like while I was typing this list my phone chimed. She said she was talking to a lady who works in that same office and she's totally sold on me working in the office. I'm supposed to call on Monday. Prayers and positive thoughts appreciated!

Well, that's me for this week! How's your week been?

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