Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Spinach and other nonsense

I am a fan of saying that I have the best boyfriend ever, mostly because it's true. I'm sure your boyfriend/fiance/husband is pretty stellar, but mine is perfect for me and that's all that really matters. So what did Mr. Wonderful do this time to make me say this? He let me commandeer (his word not mine) his house yesterday while he was at work so I could do laundry. The trigger on my washer has stopped triggering. The part has been ordered, but it won't be here until the end of the week/beginning of next week. And of course this happened when I needed to wash pretty much every thing in the house, down to the wash cloths.

Greggers was kind enough to give me run of the house. He got a neater house (and a cleaner girlfriend) out of the deal. I couldn't just sit around the house and not do anything, so I did a little light cleaning. Mainly I just straightened piles of mail and vacuumed the hall/living room. He's not really that messy, just a boy. His mom once asked him why I never cleaned his apartment. When he told me about it, I looked at my left hand and said "I don't see a reason to." ;-) Apparently she used to go over and clean his dad's house while they were dating. Sorry, but I barely clean my own house, I'm not going to clean two. For the record, Greg was not trying to subtly hint that he wanted me to clean his house, he was more amused at what she said.

While I was at his house, another storm came rolling through. I'm glad we have gotten some rain, but it's getting ridiculous. It was really cool to see while on Greg's property.
You can't really tell, but there are rows of corn towards the top of the hill. And those trees are pretty huge. The clouds didn't seem to worry the cows at all.
Yes, he lives on/by a farm... what makes you ask?
I wish that the camera on my phone had a better zoom. It makes it look like I was really far away from the cows, when really I was only 100 yards or so away. Same for the crops. But really, it's a camera in my phone. What do I expect?

I recently realized that spinach is definitely my go-to all purpose vegetable. I kind of knew it before, but it has been reaffirmed this week. Greg and I went out to dinner on Sunday, and I couldn't find anything on the menu I really wanted. Then I realized that what I really wanted was a particular ravioli dish with spinach added. Since it was a non-chain and they had spinach in other sauces, I asked if they would help me out and they did. The server kept commenting on how it sounded delicious and she'd have to try it out the next time she ordered that dish. I cleaned my plate. :-) Tonight for dinner I was staring blankly at the fridge trying to decide what leftovers to eat when I saw spaghetti sauce and a bag of fresh spinach. Done. Lest you think I put spinach in all of my Italian pasta dishes, I do add it to other things. I put it in my eggs, in soups, on sandwiches, and yes, in a smoothie or two. 

I realize this is kind of an odd topic. It just occurred to me because I was feeling vegetable deprived and spinach was the first thing I thought to eat. Anyone else had that bleh feeling and then realized you haven't had any enough fruits/veggies that day? My morning started in a hurry, so my breakfast was something that I could eat while driving to work (a muffin and a pack of snack crackers). When I got off, I had to take mom to the church so I grabbed a bag of chips. When I got home I had some stir-fry vegetables, but I still felt deprived so I got the spinach. I feel better now. ;-)

I really need to make so "ahead of time" breakfasts again. I used to have some breakfast burritos, sandwiches, etc. prepared and in the freezer so all I had to do was nuke-and-go. It really made getting ready for work easier in the morning. And, if when I get a full-time, regular-hour job it will make my life easier overall. I'm know I have some ideas for those types of breakfasts pinned. Now to actually make them!

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