Friday, July 6, 2012

I'm here, I'm here!

I know it's been a minute since I posted. Sorry about that. Things got a little hectic there for a week or so. Nothing too crazy or dramatic, just busy! I keep hoping that things will settle down a little, but that seems to be when things get revved up again. Maybe I should hope that things will get busier? Oh my, I'd hate to see what that would look like!

Good news! I have officially gotten rid of 42.4 pounds! I don't like to say I've lost them because that makes it sound like they are misplaced and I might find them again later. :-) But yes, they are off of my frame, and good riddance! I had one of those moments looking at the scale, trying to process the number I saw. It didn't make sense to me. Not only do I weigh less than Greg, but I am actually smaller than I have ever been the whole time Greg and I have been dating, including the time I got sick and lost 12 pounds. I think I'm probably about the size I was when I quit working at the restaurant. Actually I'm probably smaller, because then I was having trouble fitting in my 16s. Now they are comfortable, even after washing. ;-)

We had a pretty good 4th of July. It was... let's call it "semi-traditional" Greg and I went to the gym, out to lunch for burgers, then went swimming at his parents house. Later we met up with my friend and her husband for dinner and to see some fireworks. It was a very random holiday! We didn't have any plans that morning and then just kind of played it by ear as we went. I was pleased with it.

Tonight I am going to a baseball game for a friend's birthday. I'm pretty excited, except I'm kind of nervous about the heat. Although, the baseball stadium is almost in the mountains so maybe it will be cooler? Hope springs eternal! If not, I'll just drink lots of water. And buy a cup of ice.

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