Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Fourteen. My little brother is 14 years old today. I cannot wrap my poor little brain around that. I was 14 when he came to live with us (he's adopted). How time flies. Maybe this is preparing me for how fast time will go when I have children of my own? There have definitely been times when I've felt more like his mom than his sister... and I think there are still people that have doubts about the idea that he's not mine (he's not, I swear, he looks just like his mom). Ah well, not to get to mushy, but here is a visual trip down memory lane...

This is hands down my favorite baby picture of Tony... I think he was about 18 months old. I was laying on the floor of my family's mountain house when he came over trying to steal the camera. He was saying "gimme," but I feel like he looks like a mob boss.
"Whaddaya doin' in the floor, ya mook?"
This picture was taken in October of  '05 at my grandmother's 75th birthday party. That's his "real" sister, Brittany (his birth-mom's oldest daughter and my niece) with us.
I think he almost looks like a different kid from the one above.

This was us on his... 9th birthday? Amy and I took him and her stepson to Gatlinburg. We went through the wax museum and such. This was us taking a dance break in the middle of the mirror maze. The plastic gloves were to prevent fingerprints.
 Can you imagine Windexing that place??
This is my most recent picture of him. This was taken on Saturday, or the Best Day of His Life So Far.
He was actually in the middle of telling me
 not to take his picture. :-)

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