Wednesday, May 7, 2014

30 at 30

In honor of my 30th birthday, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and come up with a list of 30 things to do before May 7 of next year! Off we go!

1.       See more live music. I might have stolen this one from Greg. It was part of his new year's resolution, but I like the idea. There are so many opportunities to see some good music that I really should join him in this effort.
2.       Explore my area. There are so many cool things to do within a day's drive of my house and I rarely do any of them!
3.       Try new foods! I am definitely not one to shy away from trying foods that are different. Hello, one of my favorite desserts is the chocolate habanero deliciousness known as the Azteca Gelato from Coolato Gelato. That being said, when I go out to restaurants I tend to order the similar things everywhere I go.
4.       Establish a regular game night. We used to be so good at this! Amy and I would hang out and play Clue or Wii games, Greg and I would go over to friends' houses for Settlers of Catan... I would like to set up at least a quarterly game night. Soon!
5.       Relax. I would never call myself high strung, but I will admit that sometimes I get a little overwhelmed. Even if I know things are out of my control and there's nothing I can do, I still get stressed out. I just need to caaalm dooown.
6.       Get a new job. Ok, this one's cheating because I start my new job tomorrow! The job interview I mentioned before went really well and I go in to fill out paperwork tomorrow morning. My first full day will be May 16!
7.       Re-establish my quiet time. This will help me do #5. I used to have a regularly scheduled time alone with God and it was great! These days I feel like I'm just blowing through my bible reading and I wait so late to pray that I end up falling asleep before I'm done. God made time to make the universe, I think I can make time to be with Him!
8.       Get crafty! Obviously I love my crafts, but they have fallen to the wayside lately. I need to get back at my creative outlets!
9.       Do more things Greg wants to do. I have the most wonderful guy ever, but I will admit that we do what I want to do a lot of the time. We do what he wants to do when it's also something I want to do. Eek! I need to be more open to doing things that he's interested in. *cough*DragonCon*cough*
10.   Try new restaurants. Similar yet different from #3, I need to branch out in my eating habits. When I go out to eat, I probably eat at the same few places over and over. I practically have some of their menus memorized. Which is a shame because Knoxville has a lot of fun places that I've been interested in but never tried. How sad.
11.   Reorganize and downsize. I have too much crap.
12.   Get back into a regular exercise routine. Yeah, yeah, I know. I've been down this path before. But I also know I feel better when I workout. Hopefully not working in a gym will help me be more inclined to visit it.
13.   Get a tan. Hee hee hee, ok so if you've seen my pictures you know I basically have a year-round tan [shout out to the mixed kids!]. But if I have a better tan, that means I actually spent some time outside this summer!
14.   Have more “little” dates with G. Greg and I have had some big, fancy dates like a casino party at Club LeConte and dinner at Brazeiros, but I have just as much fun (if not more) doing silly little things with him. We need more of that.
15.   Read more! I have gone through a drought of reading and it saddens me. Books are like free vacations! What am I waiting for?
16.   Go somewhere I’ve never been. I did this in February, and now it's bugging me that I need to do it again. And again. And again. It doesn't have to be as dramatic as going to the Bahamas, but just to visit a place I've never been and see something new. It can be tied in with #2 and #10. :-)
17.   Be joyful. Back in January, I asked my small group to pick a word or theme for the year. My word was joy. I feel I do great with it some days and absolutely terrible other days. I can do better.
18.   More random acts of kindness. I've done this a few times, but I need to get more mindful about my randomness.
19.   Clean regularly. This kind of goes with #11. Once I pare down, hopefully it will be easier to keep stuff clean.
20.   Do something with my hair. I'm in a mode where all I do is wear my hair in a bun, which is usually a signal that I need a haircut. And then I just wear it in a ponytail or a braid. I need to get more adventurous.
21.   Say thank you more. I have been blessed with some really great people in my life. I need to let them know I appreciate them.
22.   Take a trip with G. We haven't gone on a trip together since August 2012. That needs to be remedied.  
23.   Fix my fridge. I bought a beautiful new fridge, but when they installed it we realized there was a tiny pinhole in the tube to our house tubing. It's a simple fix, I just need to go to Home Depot to get the part.
24.   Swim. As in laps. I used to be on a swim team when I was in middle school and I've always loved to swim. Plus it's such a great all over workout.
25.   Go to the chiropractor. I went for a free consultation a few weeks ago and we discovered I have a twist in my back causing a lean in my neck and pain in my shoulders. There's also a line where a curve should be in the back of my neck. My new health insurance will cover chiropractic visits, so there's nothing really stopping me.
26.   Try a new activity. I'm noticing a theme here. I want to do new things.
27.   Cook from my Pinterest boards. Like every person with a Pinterest account, I have all these delicious looking recipes I've done nothing but look at. I need to try a few!
28.   Meal plan. My life runs more smoothly when I do this, but I get so wrapped up in nonsense I forget to do it. Or I get distracted.
29.   Update my wardrobe. For all the clothes I have, I don't have a lot to wear. Once I do #11, I'll need to purchase some better pieces. But not too many! 
30.   Blog more! If you look at my post history, I think this one speaks for itself.

Some will definitely be easier than others, but I’m looking forward to trying it!

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