Monday, July 7, 2014

Independence Day Weekend

I'm back! I spent Independence Day weekend with some friends at a lake house down in Wetumpka, AL.
The view from the back porch
We went down on Thursday afternoon and came back last night. I love traveling, but can I just take a minute to say how much I don't love driving through Chattanooga at rush hour? I don't normally get frustrated in traffic, but rush hour in Chattanooga is a thing to be avoided at all costs. We had intended to leave in time to just miss it, but Greg ended up getting stuck in a loop at work and we didn't leave until an hour later. So we ended up getting caught in the middle of it. Not only was there normal rush hour traffic, but also holiday rush hour traffic and construction.
G really needs to wash his window!
I took this picture to let Amy know how far we'd gotten and that traffic was pretty light for Chattanooga. Famous last words because about 5 minutes later we came to a full stop. According to the GPS we ended up losing 25 minutes in Chattanooga. After a stop for fuel of both kinds, we managed to get there only 30 minutes after I thought we would.
The next morning I discovered my breakfast spot!
The front porch was about 15 degrees cooler than the back, so I enjoyed most of my morning meals on the swing. Southerner, y'all. Hahaha.
Since it was after sunset when we got there, G and I didn't go out on the water until Friday morning. But I got to do something new; kayaking!
I know a lot of people who love kayaking, but I hadn't had a chance to try it out. There were 2 kayaks at this lake house, a single and a double. After testing them out on land (read: making sure my long-legged love wasn't too tall), we headed out.

Whoo hoo! He fits!
I can see why people really like it! It's so peaceful and relaxing (if you're on a calm-ish lake like we were). Plus, it's a great upper body/core workout. :-) Greg ended up going out in the single kayak while Amy and I went in the 2-seater. It was definitely a bonding experience (like we need more??). I sat in front and had a one-ended paddle while she was in the back wit a double ended paddle. We might have gone in a few circles before we found our rhythm. It was fun though! I lost count of the number of times we went kayaking over the weekend. It became sort of a time killer while we were waiting for other things, which was great. And ever since we got home, G's been looking to buy a kayak. Fun stuff!

Friday night we took the pontoon boat out to watch the fireworks. I looks behind the boat and was just in love with God's color scheme for the evening!

After that I didn't really take too many pictures. We kept meaning to, but time just got away from us. It wasn't until I was typing this post that I realized I didn't ever take a delfie with Amy. Tragic! Overall it was a good holiday weekend. I hope yours was enjoyable, too!

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