Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Back at it

A little bird told me I needed to start blogging again, and I decided she was right. I have had several blog post ideas, but they never seem to make it on the screen. Yet another reason I need to organize my time better.

Today I jumped back on the training bandwagon, but I'll only be on for a little while. At least with a personal trainer. My lovely Lorrie put in her two weeks notice, and there's no one else I care to train with. I was talking to her about it today and she suggested I just throw myself into as many classes as I can. I agree wholeheartedly. The whole reason I wanted to work at my gym was because of the classes! But I can't take them because I work so much. Catch-22. But she had me a sweaty mess by the time we were halfway through.
Burned 608 calories? I'll take it!
It felt good to sweat out some of the stress I've been feeling! Tomorrow I have plans to take a Spooky Spin Class. I'm excited. I took it last year and had a blast. They blacked out the room and gave everyone glow sticks to put in their shoes. Plus all of the music is Halloween themed. So much fun!

I hate to keep this so short, but I'm tired! And I'll need to get up early tomorrow for Spin! Hope you had an awesome Hump Day!

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