Friday, August 2, 2013

Action-Packed Friday

Whoo! Today started early and is running late. My alarm went off at 4:45, so I could wake up and get ready to go shopping with Mom and Tony. Why 4:45? Because it was the first day of tax free weekend, and we wanted to beat the rush at the store. Plus, I has aspirations of going in to work early today (which I did, more in a minute), so the sooner started, the sooner finished. We got to the store at about 6, and Tony managed to find 3 pairs of shorts that he will actually wear. I swear, getting that kid out of basketball shorts is like pulling teeth! Oh well. All I ended up getting today was a notebook for the Summit next week and a desk organizer for work. I'm hoping to be able to go shopping with Amy either tomorrow or Sunday, though. I hope so at least, I am in need of clothes!

I managed to get to work at 9:30 this morning, and promptly set about organizing our front stock closet. It's where we keep our drinks and bars that aren't on display and our promo items. We just got some new bracelets and towels a few weeks ago, then got new t-shirts yesterday for our newest membership deal. Needless to say, things had gotten a little disorganized. We had a delivery scheduled for today, so I wanted to get things organized before I had to put even more stuff in there. I finished just in time to start my shift at 11.

My shift went pretty well, just packed. Shannon had a meeting at the corporate office this morning and  a conference call back at the club at 1, so I told her I would count money and do invoices for her. Once I was done with that I reorganized the front desk. We had a lot of wasted space going on (which was why I picked up the desk organizer), so I tried to make things flow a little better. By the time I got that settled the delivery arrived and I spent the rest of my shift restocking and putting things away. I hit 9k on my Fitbit before 4pm.

Once I got home from work it was time to change clothes and head back out the door for our leadership gathering at church. About once a quarter, the church invites all group leaders to the main campus to discuss how the groups should be performing and growing. This is the first time I've gone because I just recently felt led to launch a group. I'm pretty excited about it, and I hope that I can talk about it soon! Anyway, tonight was part one and we'll go back for the second half tomorrow morning. I got a lot out of just the 2 hours from tonight, so I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

Well, I didn't get a lot of pictures taken tonight, so here is a photo of our melting centerpiece...

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