Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Oh, my, it's already July?

I've been a bad blogger lately, and I am truly sorry. Things have just been goofy lately, and any time I sit down to blog I can't seem to form coherent thoughts. There have even been days when I didn't get on the computer at all. I know, the shame.  Please forgive me, loves. 

June was a crazy month filled with stress and sadness and drama. Between my oldest brother moving to Texas, random dramas at work and with friends, and a few weeks work of nightmares, I'm glad to see it over! I had more headaches, outbursts, and breakdowns last month than the previous 5 combined. Sheesh!

That being said, I cannot believe that it's already JULY! Tony Baloney's birthday is 2 weeks! And he leaves for camp in 9 days. I'll have to get started writing his notes from home for this year. I'm not sure what the theme for camp is this year, but I can wing it. :-) I'm going to try to make July a little better than June (if I could hold off on the nightmares, that'd be great). I'm also hoping to fit in more adventures. 

Does anyone else have that one question you seem to get asked a lot? One that you can't seem to go more than a few months without hearing? My number one used to be "so... what are you, exactly?" They meant my ethnicity, but I usually responded with "a girl," "tall," or "mostly human." Oh, and apparently "sarcastic." I think it was the exactly that got to me. Who knows what they are "exactly?" It's very existential for a 7 year old. Anyway! Lately I keep hearing "why do you wear your watch like that?" If you ever see me take a picture of my watch, it will look like this:
Watch face = back of hand
But that's only because it's easier to take the picture that way. This is how I actually wear it:
Watch face = palm
And lately people keep asking me why I wear my watch "upside down." The short answer is "because my Mimi does." I've done it since I was a kid. I was maybe 10 years old. One day I noticed that my grandmother was wearing her watch like that, and I decided that's how I would wear my watch, too. I didn't know why she was wearing it that way, but it didn't matter. Mimi was (and still is) someone I greatly admired, so if she wore her watch like that then by golly so would I. And now it's just the way I wear it. If actually feels uncomfortable for me to wear it the "right" way. Occasionally, I'll spin it around if I'm typing or something else where I don't want to scratch the face, but I find that more annoying so I usually just take it off. 
[Side Note: Yes, I do have a thing for watches. I have several in various colors. At the moment I have them in white, bright pink, orange, tennis ball yellow, aqua, emerald, purple, white leather, brown leather, and red. I'm still on the hunt for a black and a silver that I like.]

For the record, my mom is Welsh/Irish with a trace of Native American, and my dad is African American. 

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