Monday, March 11, 2013

Moving On Up!

While my promotion was official over a week ago, and I finally got my managerial login for work last Thursday, today it became legit when I got my promotion present from Amy!
Birds of a feather tweet together!
I posted a picture of a similar necklace on my Instagram account a few weeks ago, and she found this one on eBay. I heart it bunches!

I worked on my cousin's hat yesterday. I've been struggling with this lately, mostly because I've been annoyed with her. She's done and said a few things that I really don't appreciate. She called me the other night, and I was so aggravated when I hung up the phone I thought I would scream. But I decided to do this as a way of praying for her, and I'm not going to let my annoyance stop me. I know this may sound like one of those crazy holy rollers, but I feel like satan is trying to use my negative feelings to stop me from doing something positive.

So I changed tactics. While I was at the store yesterday I decided to look for a yarn that I really liked instead of trying to find one that I thought she would appreciate. And when I got home, I looked for a pattern I wanted to make instead of one I thought she would appreciate. I started one pattern, and it slowly morphed into something different. You might be able to tell from this preview...

Any guesses?
I'm actually kind of excited about it. I still have a few more details to finish, but hopefully I'll have the pattern posted by next week. I'm also hoping that I can get Greg to take some pictures of it with his fancy-smancy camera. He said he would, but he has a pretty busy week ahead so we'll have to see. Regardless, I'm glad I found a way around my mental block. I hope you like what I did!

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