Sunday, February 10, 2013

Wine Tour

Yesterday I went on a wine tour with Amy, Leah, and Brad. Amy and Brad saw a deal on Living Social for a wine tour for 2 including a wine, chocolate, and cheese tasting, $20 towards a bottle of wine, 2 glasses, and corkscrews. She and Brad each bought one, and Leah and I went as the additional people. Amy, Brad, and I had done a Wine Trail with this particular group of wineries before, so we were looking forward to it. This tour was at Eagle Springs Winery, which is their newest location.
We got to try any of the wines that we wanted. Each winery has a theme, and we quickly discovered that Eagle Springs' must be honey. Leah and I told our "host" Casey that we were "yessers," meaning if he poured it, we'd drink it. Brad and Amy on the other had are not fans of dry wines, so they joined us further down the list. He had us try some wines with the different chocolates and cheeses, and one he had us try with a bit of honey. It was fun. Amy and Leah each got a bottle of wine. Amy picked the Honeymoon and Leah got the Courage.

While we were doing the tasting, Amy, Brad, and I kept talking about how we had been to the other wineries to do the wine trail. When we did it there were only 3 wineries, and if you went to all of them you got a free wine glass. Casey said that since they added two new wineries to the group they changed it up. If you go to any 3 wineries you get a wine glass, but if you go to all 5 you get that and a tshirt. So we decided to make a day of it and do the trail.

I'm thinking this map is not to scale, because Eagle Springs looks further away from the rest than it really was. (For the record, Amy was driving and only had 2 sips at each location.)

For our second stop we went to the Apple Barn Winery.
I could spend all day on this property! They have a restaurant, a creamery, candy shops, and all sorts of things to walk around a see. We also remembered to take a group photo!
The sun was in our faces...
 I'm sure you can guess, but their major wine theme was apples. It was fun.

Mountain Valley and Sugarland had a general assortment of wines. Our service at Sugarland left much to be desired, but I had been there before and I would still recommend going. Our final stop was at Hillside. They had several sparkling wines, which was a nice way to finish up our day. And of course we finally got our tshirts.
I don't know how often I'll wear it, but it's a nice reminder of a fun day!

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