Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I think I have a problem...
Water "enhancers"
I have trouble drinking plain water in the winter, so I got these to help me out. If you haven't tried them, they are basically like the Crystal Light dry powders in liquid form. All 4 flavors I've tried are really good. I put the Peach Bellini in my unsweet tea today. Yum!

Today was a busy, productive day. I got my new tires first thing this morning. I'm glad I did because it started raining not long after. Yay, traction! After that, Mom and I went to the mall. She wanted to go to JCPenny to look at purses, and I wanted to look for new shoes at Rack Room. I lucked out because they were doing a BOGO1/2, so I got two pairs of Saucony Cohesion 6's.
Yay, new shoes!
The other pair are white and teal. We also went to Hobby Lobby, Target, another Target (I was looking for something specific), the Post Office, a computer store, church, Lowe's, and the grocery store. Whew!

I went to the 2 Targets looking for Greg's Valentine's Day present. We're not super romantic on Valentine's Day (or ever, really), but we still exchange gifts. I really wanted to get him a Heart Rate Monitor, but I didn't have the funds timing. I may put some money away and get him one for his birthday... if he doesn't buy one before then. Instead, I "repacked" his gym bag. His old gym bag is falling apart, so I got him a new one, 2 workout towels, a water bottle, and a travel shower kit. He better like it! :-)

I also ended up selling an old laptop (hence the computer store) today. The motherboard was bad, and it's been collecting dust for almost 2 years. I got $30 for it, which is now sitting my savings account helping it's friends collect interest. I'm trying to be more responsible with my money, and get a nice bit stocked in savings. Next up, most of my accessories. :-)

I have a job interview tomorrow! It is for the Front Desk Lead at the gym. My boss said I'm the only person she's nominating for the job. If they don't pick me, then our club won't have one. It's kind of a confidence booster, but at the same time having no one is a viable option. I'm a little nervous, but I've prayed about it, so I know it will be fine one way or the other.

It's going to be a long day. I'm going to a Love/Hate cycle class in the morning. Two instructors are team teaching, and they are going to alternate between love songs and hate songs. I love the themed classes. I have to work from 11-6, so I'm just going to shower at the gym and get ready for work. The lady is coming sometime during my shift to interview me. Then Greg and I are going to dinner at Coolato Gelato and a movie at the Tennessee Theatre. Tonight I laid out my workout clothes, packed my uniform, and got my date night clothes all ready. Now I guess I should get some sleep!

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