Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February Hat of the Month: Burgers on the Brain

I'm just barely making this one in under the wire! For February I gave Melissa a hat I affectionately call Burgers on the Brain.
Side view

top view
I based this hat on the pattern I found here. As I said before, this hat was so much fun to make! On a scale of Beginner to Advanced, I would say this one was Intermediate. You have 5 color changes and use a few different stitches, but that's what I liked about the hat. It made the pattern go by pretty quickly, unlike some patterns where I feel like I'm in crochet purgatory. 

This was actually my second time making the hat. The pattern says it's for a child, and since Melissa is 32 I wanted to make sure it was the right size. I figured if it was still too small, I have a few friends with kids who would get a kick out of it. Well... It ended up being too big! I gave it to our youth pastor for Christmas because he has a love/hate relationship with Five Guys
It made me come to the realization that either I crochet really loose or she's around really big-headed children. Regardless, it taught me a few things to change when I made Melissa's hat:
  1. The pattern calls for a J-hook to make the child-sized hat. I went down to an I-hook on Zac's hat. I ended up using an H-hook for Melissa's.
  2. As you can see in Zac's picture, there is a dc row beneath the lettuce "skirt." I left it off on Melissa's hat because I wanted the red "tomato" row to peak out from under the lettuce row. If I make it again (which I probably will because I love it), I think I'll change it to a sc row between the skirt and the tomato. It added a little bit of lift, and the tomato almost disappeared on Melissa's hat. 
  3. The pattern says to stitch teardrop shapes into the top of the hat and then fill them in. Let me just tell you, it is not easy to stitch a teardrop shape into a crocheted circle. I just did random stitches all over the top. You get the same idea. And in 1/3 the time!
Overall, I loved making this hat. The pattern was fun. The hat is adorable. I will most likely make it again. 

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