Sunday, February 24, 2013

Crazy Going Slowly Am I

Does anyone remember that song? Here, let me jog your memory...
My friend and I used to sing it when we were in high school, and I still sing it every now and then. Especially when things are going a little goofy. Like when you have no electricity in your bedroom and your phone decides to die. I might have changed the word "crazy" to "Amish"... maybe.

Remember how I said my phone didn't Friday night? Well, it didn't charge at all yesterday either. I had it plugged in and turned off for most of the day and it was still losing it's charge. Greg and I went by the Verizon store and they confirmed that it was a battery issue. But because I have a phone from 16 months ago they don't carry the battery I need. There is a battery store in town that might have one for my phone. If they don't, Amazon does.

It's Oscar night! Not that we're doing anything exciting. I think we're just going to watch them over at Greg's house. One of the theaters in Knoxville is showing the Oscars on the big screen. We thought about going, but  thought again when the price of gas shot up. It's not like the theater is that far away, but he has to drive all over creation for work, and I'm just poor. Not worth it for something we can watch at home.

Ok, I'm going to go finish up Melissa's hat. I don't know why I've been stalling. I need to get it off in the mail tomorrow or it's going to be the Hat of the Bi-Month club.

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