Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hat of the Month Club: January Birthday Party Hat

My cousin's birthday is tomorrow (Happy b-day, Mel!), so I figured I would post the review/tutorial for the first hat in her collection: the Birthday Party Hat.
As I said before, this hat was a Frankenstein that I pieced together. My original inspiration was this, but I couldn't find the pattern or a link to a pattern anywhere on the site. So I just found bits and pieces I liked and put them together.

I based the main part of the hat off of this pattern. Her pattern was very straight-forward and easy to follow. The only modifications I made were to increase to a J-hook since it was for an adult and I added a single crochet row of pink at the bottom.

Next were the circles.
I didn't follow a pattern for them, but here's (sort of) what I did.
Using a G-hook, working in the round:
Ch 2 
sc 5 in second ch from the hook (5)
2sc in next 5 sc (10)
*sc in next st, 2sc in next stitch* repeat from * around (15)
*sc in next 2 st, 2sc in next stitch* repeat from * around (20)
finish off, leaving a long tail 

If I'm being honest, that's how I started, and I just kept going til it looked right. I didn't want them all to look identical or perfect. I made 3 circles in each color I was using (pink, yellow, green, and blue).
Then, using the long tail and a plastic canvas needle, I stitched it on to the base.

My final pieces were the curly tassels.
I had seen these in pictures before and assumed they were going to be complicated. I mean, look at them! They're adorable! How can they be simple? But they are. Here's how to do it:
Using a G-hook:
Ch 25
3sc in second ch from hook
3sc in each ch across
finish off, leaving long tails

That's it! When I first saw the directions I thought I must have missed something, but nope. that's it. The spiral starts to form by about the third chain. Obviously my spirals are different lengths. I just started with base chains of 10, 15, 20, and 25, respectively.

To attach the spirals to the hat, first I twisted all of the long ends of each spiral together and pulled them through the top corner of the hat. Next I started tying the ends to each other. For example, I tied the pink ends to the yellow ends, and the blue ends to the green ends. Then I switched partners and tied the blue ends to the pink ends and the green ends to the yellow ends. Finally I tied all the strings into a knot close to the corner of the hat. I trimmed my ends and I was finished.

I know that last part may have been a bit confusing.... If you have any questions, please ask and I will do my best to answer them.

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