Sunday, November 25, 2012

Longest Weekend Ever

This has been the longest weekend ever, in the best way possible. I had to work Thursday and Friday, but since I normally work weekends anyway it still felt like the weekend. Then I had yesterday and today off so I got another weekend! It's been pretty busy, but somehow I feel more rested than I have in weeks.

Thursday I worked from 5am-11am, ran home to change and grab Mom and Tony, then went out to Greg's Mom's for the Thanksgiving meal. We ate at 1:00 and the guys were all in the living room watching football by about 1:45. Since some of the kids had migrated up to Greg's (he lives just up the hill from his mom) to play the PS3, I went to got check on them. They were happily shooting things in 3D (yes, G has a 3D TV... no wonder the kids went up there to play video games), so I went to take a nap. That's my kind of Thanksgiving! We stayed up there for most of the day. Actually, by the time we got home it was time for me to get ready for bed.

Friday I had another 5-11 shift, then Greg and I went to meet Amy and our friend Brad for lunch. Somehow we ended up going to Target on Black Friday. For the record, if you go at about 2:00pm on Black Friday it's really not that bad.
Calculator watch is making a comeback!
I got a few things for Anthony and one thing for Amy. Can I just say how much I love buying for people when they are with me? It was quite funny trying to hide it from her since the 4 of us were sharing one cart. After that we went to Publix. Greg was a little confused as to why we were going shopping at the grocery store when none of us really needed groceries. I finally convinced him we were going to hang out with our friends. He was still confused, but he went. :-) After that we went to see Rise of the Guardians. Such a good movie! I loved it. Then Greg and I ran a few more errands before heading to our respective homes for the evening.

Saturday was game day! Greg managed to get tickets the Tennessee/Kentucky game, so he took me and Amy. Amy and I headed to wander around the store until Greg was ready to head to the stadium. I was close to buying a new shirt and jacket, but changed my mind at the last second. I would regret that later. Once we got to campus we went ahead into the stadium to find our seats. It was pretty open... well, for Neyland Stadium. It holds over 100,00 people, and there were only a little over 84,000 people there. Yeah. Anyway, we had pretty good seats except one thing. They were FREEZING!
Our t-t-teeth were ch-ch-chattering
I don't know what it is about Neyland, but it turns into a wind tunnel. There is always a wind blowing inside. Awesome in September, not so much in November. Luckily it was warm in the sun, and there was a big patch of sun about 10 yards from our seats.
You can't really tell, but a lot of people migrated to the sunny side
Regardless, I had a good time. After the game Amy and I did some more shopping and went to dinner at Olive Garden.

Whew! Busy weekend. And I still have today! I went to church this morning, just had lunch, and I'm about to go to a basketball game with Greg. His improv group, Einstein Simplified, is performing at halftime. It should be fun. After that I have no plans. I may come home and go through my books and movies to take to McKay's. As much as it pains me to part with books, I have a lot that I don't read and won't read. Same with the movies. Ok, off to finish getting ready for the game! See you later!

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