Sunday, October 28, 2012


Appropriately enough this close to Halloween, I feel like I'm returning from the dead. Last week I absolutely felt like crud. I had some nasal congestion that tried to turn into a chest cold earlier in the week. As soon as I  noticed, I started taking Mucinex which knocked it out pretty quickly. Now I just have this annoying cough. And by annoying, I mean every once in a while I sound like I'm dying. Hopefully it will move on out soon enough.

Yesterday was a fun day! I had to work in the morning (ok, maybe that part wasn't fun), then I went over to Greg's to watch the UT/South Carolina game (... also not fun). Ok, but then it was fun! Greg participated in the Zombie Escape 5k and I went to watch. I found out about the event at my Color Me Rad race when people were handing out flyers. Greg was really excited about it when I gave him the flyer and asked some guys from the gym to do it with him (you had to have a team of four).

Rule #18: Limber Up
The guys were scheduled to run in the second wave, so we (us, the other guys, and their wives/girlfriends) watched a few other teams run by while we waited. We couldn't see much of the course, but we saw a few "zombie attacks." It was pretty fun. Then it was the guys' turn to take off. Us girls watched until they looped by us, then we moved to the finish line to watch the other teams come across. We figured out pretty quickly it wasn't a "legitimate" 5k. The first team finished in about 17 minutes. And it was an obstacle course. Hmm.

As teams finished, it was amusing to see the difference in everyone's dirtiness level. If you look at the website pictures there are people who look like they took a mud bath, and that was definitely true of a lot of people at this race, but not our guys.
That's as dirty as they got
Post-run. Yes, they ran shirtless.
They confirmed what we thought, that it wasn't an actual 5k distance. Jeremy and Jason both said they would be surprised if it was more than 2 miles. They still had a good time. And Jeremy (team captain) made it through with both his lives still intact. Afterwards, Greg and I, Jason and his wife, and Jeremy and his girlfriend went to Calhoun's for dinner. I hadn't been there in a while, and it did not disappoint.

Greg said he wants to try to run a few more 5k's in the coming year. I may try to train for a few of them with him. It could either be a great bonding experience or our undoing. We'll have to see!

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