Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trunk or Treat

This has been the oddest Halloween season ever for me. I did not dress up in a costume even once. Usually I go to at least one party or something but not this year. I could have dressed up at work, but I just wasn't feeling it with all the changes we've had lately. None of us have been in a festive mood. Oh well!

Tonight however was a different story. I still didn't dress up (bundle up, yes... it was freezing!), but I did get to have some Halloween fun. My church did a Trunk or Treat night and all of the small groups (kind of like Sunday School classes, but not lol) were asked to create a trunk. Ours decided to do a Noah's Ark theme (it didn't have to be religious, but we had all the animals :-D).
The Ark, complete with rainbow, water, and Noah's sons :-)
Those old Beanie Babies are good for something!
They missed the boat :-(
There was a contest for the best trunk and our group came in 2nd. I'm ok with that. The team that one 1st was a pirate ship with a mast and sail and everything. I wish I got a picture of it, but it was too dark by the time I walked around.

We had a good time. I walked around and talked to some people that I only get to see in passing on Sundays. They had music and I was coherced convinced into doing the Macarena. And I loved seeing all of the little ones in their costumes. Now it's time to gear up for my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving!

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