Sunday, August 19, 2012

Vacation report

I am currently sitting in a hotel in Dalton, GA watching pre-season football. What a way to end a vacation. :-) No, Greg's idea of a romantic getaway was not scenic Dalton. We actually went to Destin, Florida which was absolutely beautiful. I had never been to any part of Florida before, much less Destin. I was very excited to make the trip. I have every intention of sharing lots of stories from my vacation, but I have no idea when that will happen. Hopefully sometime tomorrow. We're here in Dalton because Greg has a shoot down here tomorrow morning, and it made more sense to stay here than to drive home and him come back super early tomorrow. Plus that means we'll only be driving about 2 hours to get home tomorrow. But right now I'm going to go relax in the spa and unwind from my unwinding. Stay chill. ;-)

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